1. Question: What is GCLA Online Portal?

    Answer: This is a platform for providing services for chemicals registration and chemicals permits application as well as precursor chemicals returns for chemical's dealers in implementation and enforcement of Industrial and Consumers (Management and Control) Act (No. 3 of 2003) and Its Regulations. applicable in Tanzania Mainland.

  2. Question: Who is eligible to register to Customer Chemicals Management Portal (CCMP)?

    Answer: All chemicals dealers within Tanzania Mainland are required to register to CCMP

  3. Question: What are the prerequisite requirement for Registration on the System?

    Answer: During registration your required to attach two documents which are Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN) and Certificate of Incorporation from Tanzania Revenue Authority and Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) respectively.

  4. Question: How do I register chemicals?

    Answer: All chemicals are listed on the system with their categories. Choose the chemicals you are dealing with then submit your application for registration.

  5. Question: Do I register If I was already registered manually?

    Answer: Yes, All chemical dealers whether new or already registered manually will have to be registered with the Online Portal.

  6. Question: In re-registering with the Online Portal, do I need to remake payment?

    Answer: No, All users that have already been registered will only attach receipts from the manual registration process.

  7. Question: If I have made payments with a mobile platform, where do I get the payment slip attachment?

    Answer: For now, you can take a picture or a screenshot of the receipt message from your phone and upload it in place of the payment slip.

  8. Question: How many accounts can I have for 1 company?

    Answer: You can only have 1 account per company.

  9. Question: Can I use my email as my username?

    Answer: No, You can use any character or number but not any of the special characters (A minimum of 6 characters total). You can also use your name and some numbers.

  10. Question: What are the requirement's during application for Certificate?

    Answer: During the application for Certificate the Company will have to choose the preferred Category, and each Category has different requirement's click here for more information.